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Re: [edgebsd-developers] Latest news

			Dear developers,

On 13/04/2017 01:51, Pierre Pronchery wrote:
The mail infrastructure was in a bad state and I finally fixed it last
week - as you can see now. In order to improve its reliability, I am
considering separating incoming SMTP (port 25) from outgoing SMTP with
authentication (port 587, submission).

This is now the case; please use port 587 (submission) for outgoing SMTP traffic from now on (requires authentication obviously).

I keep pulling in security fixes as much as I can to the pkgsrc_2016Q1
branch, while getting ready to switch to the pkgsrc_2017Q1 branch (still
no binaries available though).

The pkgsrc_2017Q1 branch is pretty much ready to start generating packages again. I hope I will have better luck with bulk building this time; I will let you know.