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Latest news

		Dear developers,

thankfully there is progress on EdgeBSD's side again!

The mail infrastructure was in a bad state and I finally fixed it last week - as you can see now. In order to improve its reliability, I am considering separating incoming SMTP (port 25) from outgoing SMTP with authentication (port 587, submission).

I keep pulling in security fixes as much as I can to the pkgsrc_2016Q1 branch, while getting ready to switch to the pkgsrc_2017Q1 branch (still no binaries available though).

Speaking of which, the build host crashed last week but with drscream's help I have been able to put it back online, with a fresh kernel. Thanks!

The lack of binaries is partly due to the remaining limitations with the handling of package signatures with netpgp alone. I have recently upstreamed most of the patches developed for EdgeBSD, while I still have to fix a few more things to get it to work sufficiently well.

My progress on hardening pkgsrc was subject to a paper and a talk at AsiaBSDCon, and I will deliver an update to this talk at BSDCan in two months. Yay!

There is still a bit of time left for the Call for Paper for EuroBSDCon, until April 30th; don't forget to submit:

That's all for now, thanks for staying put!