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Re: [edgebsd-developers] Edgy the Hedgehog as mascot for the project

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  • Subject: Re: [edgebsd-developers] Edgy the Hedgehog as mascot for the project
  • From: Thomas Merkel <tm@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 20 Feb 2014 20:39:27 +0100
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What an awesome idea. Inspired by some other ascii art i would like to
provide these ascii hedgehogs:


best regards,

Am 15.02.2014 um 02:00 schrieb Pierre Pronchery <khorben@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

> 			Hi everyone,
> [I suggest we stick to the developers' list to discuss this, with users
> welcome to jump in of course]
> once again I would like to thank everyone who showed up during FOSDEM,
> it was a real pleasure to meet you all and make the project live like that.
> As it happens we talked about how it would be nice to have a mascot for
> the project, if even choosing an animal as tends to be the tradition for
> BSD systems. There seems to be a growing consensus (at least on the IRC
> channel) about choosing a hedgehog to represent the project, which
> should naturally be called "Edgy" then I guess.
> While I really like this idea myself, and find the connection to OpenBSD
> (spikes), video gaming (blue hedgehog) and heavy metal (famous UK band)
> personally appealing, I would like to ask here for both:
> - objections (if any)
> - drawings (please!) to contest for official use.
> For inspiration: I can picture a somewhat stylized hedgehog, possibly
> resembling the existing paint-roll-street-art-esque logo we have (may
> not be simple), facing the viewer, head down, frowning eyes, two horny
> spikes raised near the head, some other spikes visible this and there
> (possibly symmetrical). Any other suggestions welcome of course!
> I don't want to set a deadline for this. I'd say we'll choose the one
> we'll all »--<3--> at first sight ;)
> For Edgy, cheers! `(\./)'
> ¸   ,
>  — <
> \ \*/ /
>> ( o )<
>  ¯ ¯
> (yes I'm bad at this)
> -- 
> khorben
> EdgeBSD developers <edgebsd-developers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>