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Edgy the Hedgehog as mascot for the project

			Hi everyone,

[I suggest we stick to the developers' list to discuss this, with users
welcome to jump in of course]

once again I would like to thank everyone who showed up during FOSDEM,
it was a real pleasure to meet you all and make the project live like that.

As it happens we talked about how it would be nice to have a mascot for
the project, if even choosing an animal as tends to be the tradition for
BSD systems. There seems to be a growing consensus (at least on the IRC
channel) about choosing a hedgehog to represent the project, which
should naturally be called "Edgy" then I guess.

While I really like this idea myself, and find the connection to OpenBSD
(spikes), video gaming (blue hedgehog) and heavy metal (famous UK band)
personally appealing, I would like to ask here for both:
- objections (if any)
- drawings (please!) to contest for official use.

For inspiration: I can picture a somewhat stylized hedgehog, possibly
resembling the existing paint-roll-street-art-esque logo we have (may
not be simple), facing the viewer, head down, frowning eyes, two horny
spikes raised near the head, some other spikes visible this and there
(possibly symmetrical). Any other suggestions welcome of course!

I don't want to set a deadline for this. I'd say we'll choose the one
we'll all »--<3--> at first sight ;)

For Edgy, cheers! `(\./)'

 ¸   ,
  — <
\ \*/ /
>( o )<
  ¯ ¯

(yes I'm bad at this)