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About enigmail in EdgeBSD

			Dear EdgeBSD users,

this is an informal bug report (and reminder) that the enigmail add-on to Mozilla Thunderbird is currently broken in EdgeBSD. This is also a reason I am currently unable to sign and encrypt e-mails conveniently, sadly.

I have isolated the root cause of the problem, and it is related to W^X support in the kernel (PaX MPROTECT). The Javascript JIT engine from Mozilla Thunderbird crashes when using the add-on. For some reason this happens even after using paxctl(8) on the relevant binaries I could find:
(as found in pkgsrc's -current)

On the other hand Mozilla Firefox' JIT engine uses a different memory allocator that seems to know about W^X for a few versions now, and I have no trouble there at the moment - even with PIE, ASLR, and W^X enabled.

Cheers & HTH,