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EdgeBSD accepts donations!

			Dear users,

in the plan for the coming development of the project, I would very
much like to push on the marketing front and finally get some more
swag done again. Before I start working on this again, I have to admit
that it would really help to collect some funds.

Therefore, the EdgeBSD Project accepts donations now! [1]

The idea there is to invest in, by priority first:
- keeping the domain name
- hosting
- SSL certificate(s) (but I'm preparing a switch to Let's Encrypt [2])
- ordering & distributing stickers, posters...
- (re-)issuing t-shirts
- opening a swag store (by CafePress or PayPal, other ideas welcome)

In any case, the donation page allows leaving a message with specific
wishes; I totally mean to respect them if any provided, regardless of
the specific items above.

If - by any chance - more is collected than strictly necessary, we can
get organized offer bounties for features or any kind of significant
work for the project.

Thank you for your support!

[2] https://letsencrypt.org/

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