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Moving the infrastructure

		Dear EdgeBSD users & developers,

our current benevolent build host is moving on to new horizons - meaning
we have to move most of the current infrastructure on a new server (or
set of). The bad news is that we have to migrate, with the associated
downtime and general -hopefully minor- inconvenience to be expected.

The good news however, is that it is not so untimely after all, with
both the focus shifting towards the new release (EdgeBSD 7), and the
need to reset the current Git repositories. Plus, we already have
received a great offer for a new hosting platform, still based in
Germany. Setup is ongoing already.

I will therefore try to take care of all of this in the next few weeks.
Any help appreciated of course! As always, it is best to coordinate on
chat, #EdgeBSD on the freenode network (chat.freenode.net as always).