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Re: [edgebsd-developers] BSD devroom at Fosdem 2015


On 07/12/2014 20:41, Rodrigo OSORIO wrote:
> First, sorry for this cross-posting.

No problem, and sorry for answering so late... :/

> Maybe you know, maybe not, but this year again, we have a dedicate
> room for BSD related talks at fosdem, called BSD devroom.
> We are really close from the deadlines, but if you wanna make a talk
> about edgeBSD, the project status, etc, feel free to make the submission
> using the Pentabarf interface.

I could totally do that.

> All the details are described in this email :
> https://lists.fosdem.org/pipermail/fosdem/2014-October/002038.html

Having a look!