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Some news and about accounts (SSH, e-mail)

			Dear developers,

first I certainly owe you all an apology for the lack of both progress and news on the project. I will not go into details, but personal events have me run into difficulties being productive after-hours at the moment.

To be honest I have even considered stepping out of the project, or at least letting someone else getting the lead. This has failed to fully materialize yet (or a new election process) but I have received some support there (thanks!) and we can open this discussion in a broader way.

I really mean to improve the situation, and I have started today with re-configuring the e-mail service. First, as a reminder (and thanks to SkyLime!) every EdgeBSD developer has SSH access to the following host:

inet6 2a01:138:a015:babe:6094:d7ff:fe90:b824
2048 SHA256:C9VXDmQ2p8v18+ql28s46uBkmrePj+RZxzkgwHN2u14 root@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (RSA) 521 SHA256:cJu6DZSbT/fzVjwiAbMG8wv5tVVhfPdGRJuL5ubYHTc root@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (ECDSA)

Please verify that you have access to this host as expected if you get the chance. Your SSH keys should be provisioned already, as I imported them from the Git setup a while ago. Do not hesitate to contact me to reset the local password as required; we can also finally inaugurate the administrators team and let more developers be in charge of this host.

e-mail traffic to @edgebsd.org is now directed to this host. I have reflected the current setup there by adding a .forward file to your respective home directories. This means you are now able to configure your redirection(s) yourselves, or decide to use SSH and mail(1) to read your EdgeBSD e-mail there. A more sophisticated setup (IMAP, more storage...) will require more time and effort though.

I am considering synchronizing the Git configuration with this host, to import and use the SSH keys deployed there. This would give you all a bit more control too.

Cheers & HTH,