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[esr@xxxxxxxxxxx: cvs-fast-export can now convert the NetBSD repo]

This might help us a lot!

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Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2014 08:12:20 -0400
From: "Eric S. Raymond" <esr@xxxxxxxxxxx>
To: Kooda <kooda@xxxxxxxxx>, Johan Herland <johan@xxxxxxxxxxx>, Alan Barrett <apb@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: cvs-fast-export can now convert the NetBSD repo
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I bring to your attention the following series of blog posts:

Spending the âHelp Stamp Out CVS In Your Lifetimeâ fund

Black magic and the Great Beast

Building the perfect beast

Proving the Great Beast concept

The short version is: a high-quality conversion of the biggest NetBSD
repo is now technically possible. A combination of successful software
optimizations in cvs-fast-export and throwing hardware at the problem
has borne fruit.

Now we need to do the politics.  Is NetBSD ready for an official cutover?
If so, how are we going to schedule this?

There's no time pressure on my end; the Great Beast probably won't go live
for another month.  In the meantime I have temporary ssh access to a 
machine almost as powerful for test runs.
		<a href="http://www.catb.org/~esr/";>Eric S. Raymond</a>

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