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Working on an icon theme

			Hi EdgeBSD developers,

this is a heads up to let you know about the edgebsd-artwork repository
of the project:

Originally meant as just a place to store the reference files for the
graphical identity of the project, it is growing to include ready-to-use
designs and themes around the project, thanks to yrmt@ in particular:
- GDM theme
- Gtk+ 2 & 3 themes
- original logo
- splash screens
- icon theme

I have pushed a script yesterday, called "convert.sh" (in "src") to
automatically generate an icon theme out of EdgeBSD's original logo. I
have a problem with it though: even though I know Gtk+ read and uses it
(it uses the "Inherits" directive when I set it), it doesn't load the
"start-here" icon at all (only one implemented at the moment).

If you have any idea how to fix that, your help is welcome. I am
attaching the current output of the script to this mail (it's small).

The Icon Theme Specification is here:

PS: this will be the perfect place to work on Edgy :)


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