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request for reviews: chat/loudmouth, chat/mcabber, net/tinc


I updated a few packages and would like them to be checked and pulled in
the pkgsrc-2013Q1 if possible.

I updated the package to the 1.5.0, this is the latest release from
mcabber people, it has some bug and security fixes. I also removed
all the patches because they cause a runtime error about glib types.
Commits for this package:
- 32f2e4e88c14d07bc4e1e7ef2c3df3819cbfe33f
- 0cc2270d4f71615ded20317b6de91d3dcf1e80ee

This is a new package, an XMPP client using the loudmouth library, I
imported the pkgsrc-wip work and updated it to the latest version
Commits for this package:
- 20d9994135bb0c877ffda36e483b6f6088287804

This is an import of the package update from tonnerre in master pkgsrc,
it has many bug and security fixes.
Commits for this package:
- 1724068a850c776eda6ee2aa847cd2b3f5d07081

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