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pkgsrc-2013Q1 as "stable" [was: The modular Xorg situation]

On 29/08/2013 01:18, Pierre Pronchery wrote:
> Anyway, I would like to begin a first thread on this list about modular
> Xorg from pkgsrc. The current situation is as follows: [...]

Summary: modular Xorg from pkgsrc is broken on NetBSD (and thus EdgeBSD)
since pkgsrc_2013Q2.

> The point of this e-mail is to gather your opinions about the best way
> to handle this situation - possibly by changing the initial goal if
> necessary.
> My personal favorite option is to assist Taylor on the development of
> KMS, by:

My new favorite option is to promote pkgsrc-2013Q1 as the current
"stable" branch of packages, and to maintain it (security-wise at least)
until the situation settles upstream - or possibly longer if there is
interest in a long-term stable pkgsrc branch.

(see below for the reason changing my mind)

> It is probably not the fastest nor easiest solution, but hopefully it
> will bring more eyes on Taylor's work. Besides, for the sake of
> completeness I am considering importing gsutre's netbsd-drmgem branch in
> EdgeBSD (see https://github.com/gsutre/netbsd-drmgem).

This is now done (at least for the part in src), see:

> In the meantime I'm stuck at 1280x1024 single monitor (VESA) on my
> dual-head workstation, so I'm totally looking forward to a solution :)

This situation is quite unbearable, so let's get a working environment
first of all.

In the TODO list:
- generate packages for at least amd64 and i386;
- implement automated checks for new revisions (to re-build).

Ideally also:
- build them unprivileged yet suitable for regular installation;
- and get these packages signed.