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[edgebsd-developers] The modular Xorg situation

			Hi EdgeBSD developers,

and thank you for joining the list already! There are no public archives
yet, but I have the intention to replay the messages in the archiver
once ready, so please keep this in mind and remember that this list is
indeed public.

Anyway, I would like to begin a first thread on this list about modular
Xorg from pkgsrc. The current situation is as follows:
- I intend to work on and propose a first stable release of EdgeBSD
  with packages from pkgsrc, including modular Xorg from pkgsrc;
- NetBSD's Xorg is apparently at 1.10.6 (1.10.3 in netbsd-6) and
  doesn't require KMS;
- modular Xorg in pkgsrc-2013Q2 is at 1.12.4 and requires KMS;
- we do not know yet when KMS will be available and functional with most
  video drivers;
- KMS support may not be backported to the netbsd-6 stable branch (we
  can always try to do it ourselves).

The point of this e-mail is to gather your opinions about the best way
to handle this situation - possibly by changing the initial goal if

My personal favorite option is to assist Taylor on the development of
KMS, by:
- importing his branch within EdgeBSD;
- having a look at the implications for various Xorg drivers in pkgsrc
 (and upstream);
- investigating the difficulty of a backport.

It is probably not the fastest nor easiest solution, but hopefully it
will bring more eyes on Taylor's work. Besides, for the sake of
completeness I am considering importing gsutre's netbsd-drmgem branch in
EdgeBSD (see https://github.com/gsutre/netbsd-drmgem).

In the meantime I'm stuck at 1280x1024 single monitor (VESA) on my
dual-head workstation, so I'm totally looking forward to a solution :)


EdgeBSD developers <edgebsd-developers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>