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Presentation at FOSDEM in Brussels on February 4th (BSD devroom, 10:40)

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  • Subject: Presentation at FOSDEM in Brussels on February 4th (BSD devroom, 10:40)
  • From: Pierre Pronchery <khorben@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 20 Jan 2023 02:31:05 +0100
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		Hi there,

And welcome to the first post for the "bsd-drivers" mailing-list!

The "BSD driver harmony" project is about maintaining a communications
channel between BSD-based Operating Systems - therefore at least
FreeBSD, NetBSD, and OpenBSD - with the goal to identify ways to improve
hardware support for all of us together.

I have brought this up to the NetBSD project, first directly to the
NetBSD Foundation's Board (where I have a mandate) when I introduced the
idea, and then during NetBSD's DevSummit during EuroBSDcon 2022. I have
also talked about it to a few FreeBSD and OpenBSD developers during this

I have chosen to create this list on relatively neutral ground, for a
number of reasons:

* First, I do not want to promote (even subconsciously) that any BSD
  system has more importance or precedence when working on this
* Then, NetBSD (where I personally "come from") is often considered to
  be "providing too many mailing-lists" already;
* Finally, existing mailing-lists for NetBSD (e.g., tech-pkg@) logically
  focus on NetBSD, and may be regularly off-topic for contributors to
  other BSD systems, even when interested in harmonisation efforts.

Anyway, I have published my slides for the discussion during NetBSD's
DevSummit (titled "BSD Driver Harmony") with a short explanation and
first few very basic ideas on NetBSD's website, at:

I am scheduled for a talk at FOSDEM this year, with the objective to
spread the message and call for volunteers from every BSD-based
Operating System to be joining this initiative. The talk will take place
on February 4th (Saturday), at 10:40, in the BSD devroom in building AW,
room AW1.125 during FOSDEM 2023 in Brussels. The full schedule for the
devroom can be found at:

Finally, instructions to manage subscriptions to this list can be found
at https://lists.edgebsd.org/#bsd-drivers. The list is also meant to be
archived publicly, which should be available online at
https://lists.edgebsd.org/bsd-drivers if everything goes fine.

Feel free to reach out to me directly if you are experiencing any
trouble with the list.